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 Ottawa comes to Toronto...

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Ottawa comes to Toronto... Empty
PostSubject: Ottawa comes to Toronto...   Ottawa comes to Toronto... EmptyMon Jul 06, 2009 11:05 pm


Saturday, August 29, 2009
8:00pm / $7
725 Queen St. E.
Toronto, ON

Four of the heaviest bands this side of Quebec join forces for a night of headbanging, horn-raising and bottle-emptying! Get down to the Blue Moon and see this show, or we'll come find you!

ORN is a three-headed sludge-spewing demon-creature from the pits of Hell (a.k.a. Hamilton via Toronto) blasting wave after wave of droned out, stoned out heaviness for your aural pleasure! An awesome band reminiscent of Sunn 0))), early Earth, and Moss, featuring ex-members of The Abandoned Hearts Club!

ALASKAN rose out of the barren wastelands of Ottawa, down-tuned guitars in hand, prepared for conquest and glory by way of doom! If you love The Sword and Elder and Mammatus, this is a band you have to see!

BIIPIIGWAN's intense thrash and slow moving doom rock could melt the phasers off a Klingon bird of prey, and probably has once or twice. This brutal, exciting band for fans of Cattle Press and Daughters and Eyehategod will wreck your head all the way from Ottawa!

UNICORPSE hails from the bottom of the Dead Sea, where they have lived for thousands of years honing their impeccably executed rock! If you like Neurosis, Electric Wizard, and Old One, this band will surely have your toes tapping!

It's $7 at the door and we need as much support as possible! Come have a blast, this is GUARANTEED to be the heaviest show in Toronto this summer!

\m/_ >_< _\m/
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Posts : 8
Join date : 2009-07-06

Ottawa comes to Toronto... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ottawa comes to Toronto...   Ottawa comes to Toronto... EmptyWed Jul 22, 2009 2:26 am

major changes here!
the show's been moved to the smiling buddha, the price dropped to $5 and ORN is being replaced by SKULL (!

come on out for a horn-raising experience!

Unicorpse - Dirtbag DOOM Destroyers:
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Ottawa comes to Toronto...
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